Granite Avaition

Granite Aviation is Sandpoint Airport's Fixed Base Operator.

Sandpoint Airport's full service aviation hub.  We provide the following services:

Jet A and Avgas self service and full service

Aircraft Deicing

Flight Training

Aircraft Rental

Rental Cars - Hertz

Courtesy Cars

Pilot Lounge

Meet the Granite Crew!

Windsock - Customer Service Representative

Born in 2006, she is young, but she is fierce! In 2008, Windosck was rescued from the Panhandle Animal Shelter and brought to the Sandpoint Airport.  Generally speaking, she is a great asset to the team.  She rarely barks, never works, and only occasionally sleeps on the job!  Windsock likes to protect her turf from the dogs that come and visit Granite Aviation and also chase birds…. which she gets scolded for (worth it to her though!)  Windsock has a love for aviation that is just as strong as the rest of us, she enjoys going into airplanes, jets and even helicopters! If you leave your doors open, do a Windsock check before departing.  Her favorite people that visit her at work are the UPS delivery people (so she can have a box to play in) and her fans that come in every morning.  Windsock is the Sandpoint Airport’s celebrity; people want pictures with her and she is posted on all of their social media, she has quite the following.  She loves visits, so come on in!

Emma Carter - Assistant Manager

Emma 's love of aviation started right here in Northern Idaho at Granite Aviation in 2014.  She quickly integrated herself into the local aviation community, flying as much as possible.  Having the flight bug and full of daily inspiration, decided to start her own flight adventure as soon as possible! Later that year obtained her private pilot's license and since then has earned her instrument, commercial multi-engine and single-engine land,  and commercial single-engine sea.  Emma has a love for anything that goes vroom! (Raised in Sandpoint, that isn't too much of a surprise!) She is a huge promoter of women in aviation and getting the community involved with the beautiful world of flight.  Your adventure can start right here in Sandpoint!

Danielle Morales - Administrative Receptionist

Originally from Priest River, Idaho, Danielle recently relocated back to the area and began her aviation journey here at Granite Aviation in June of 2016.  She has spent time overseas, in the Midwest, and southern Idaho, but firmly believes nothing compares to the beauty of northern Idaho.  She loves spending her free time enjoying each of the seasons here and is currently pursuing her Master's of education degree as well as training for her private pilot's license.